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5/26/10 11:47 am - stygian_dream

Ergo Proxy [8]
Mortal Kombat [3]
Resident Evil 4 [15]
Silent Hill [3]

T E A S E R S :

HERE @ carnal_pleasure

4/28/10 05:05 pm - stygian_dream

A few Leon color bars. Hope you like. :)

HERE @ carnal_pleasure

4/6/10 11:01 pm - stygian_dream - Resident Evil Fan Fiction Community

re_narrative Share the Leon S. Kennedy sexiness here. :D

4/22/09 01:16 pm - flail - my refrigerator is running...

there are few things i find more frustrating than getting it in your head to do a project and then finding out you are ill-equipped to see it through, but not being able to brush the whole thing off and move on for the sake of your sanity.

it's maddening...and it's happening to me right now.

a few days ago i got it into my head to do a sort of crazy Fanmix...of the ringtones on Mr. Kennedy's phone. the problem here is that i don't really know as many songs as maybe i should...or could...and it's definitely making this whole thing a lot harder than it should be.

having said that, i bring this post to you, in the hopes that some people still check this place out and may be able to offer some suggestions; specific songs for the people left on my list, bands i should check into, types of music that might suit different people...that sorta thing.

and if there is any actual interest in this whole crazy ordeal, i'll throw it out there for public consumption.

so, without further ado, the list:Collapse )

and there you go. many thanks in advance to anyone who's got any suggestions~

-scurries off to do more random searching-

3/18/09 01:32 am - re_kink_meme


Hi guys! This is the brand-new Resident Evil Kink Meme, where you can anonymously write and receive all kinds of crazy Resident Evil fanfic to cater to whatever crazy needs you have!

Go to the link, read the (like two) rules, and start your posting! Don't know what a kink meme is? It's all explained there. ♥

Have fun!
sorry if you see this multiple times. ;;;

2/27/09 08:06 pm - xhydeistx_666 - Leon and RE4 icons.

Seven moreCollapse )

1/23/09 06:41 am - mishaelamk - RE: Degeneration Leon Wallpaper 1024x768

Just finished this off and I thought I'd share. You're free to post this in other communities, but please give credit where credit's due.

Please do not hotlink from my domain. Save and upload it elsewhere if you share.

Comments are always welcome!

1/6/09 08:32 pm - mishaelamk - New RPG - RE characters welcome!

::..The Story..::
All worlds connect, no matter how distant or how small, at one central point. For time immeasurable, that place lay forgotten by all; unclaimed, torn, wrought barren by fluctuations from the different realities that encroached upon it.

Eventually, there were those who began to notice just what power lay within such a place. These individuals sought that power for themselves and set about to try to control it. They unleashed a horrendous disaster that rippled through the multiverses, nearly destroying many realities and worlds.

Then came the Three: Love, Mercy, and Life.

They were neither mortal nor immortal. Those who witnessed their power called them Divine. These beings, who transcended all that was known, were angry at the selfish behavior of those who had nearly eradicated Life.

So, the Three took over the Nexus and forbade the would-be conquerers from ever basking in that glorious power again.

These Deities watched over that place and kept it safe for so long. They worked in unison, none taking more control than their two companions, and it eventually flourished. It became habitable, stabilized by their power.

Unfortunately, after a time, these ageless beings started to become idle and a boredom that only such creatures knew clawed at them with lonely fingers.

The First, he looked upon the lands they held and told the other two that it was lacking passion and love.

The Second, she looked upon the lands and sighingly agreed. She had been the first to become so utterly apathetic.

The Third gazed upon what they held with her wise eyes and agreed with her companions.

We are slowly being forgotten, my friends, the First said. If something isn't done, all that we have tried to do will be for nothing.

What can we do?
asked the Third.

The Second, who had been giving this entire matter much thought, finally put forth the idea she'd been entertaining for only she knew how long.

Eventually, we will lose our power and be unable to keep this place safe, she said and her brethren agreed. I propose this; let us open some of the paths from the worlds beyond and populate this place. If they come to see it as a home and haven, those who find their way here will defend it more effectively than we.

I think I like this idea,
said the First, who looked to their silent companion.

I do, as well, the Third said and gazed off in the distance of the worlds beyond. I believe, I know just the thing to make this happen. Allow me to procure us someone who will represent our... interests. Is that agreeable?

The First and the Second nodded.

We leave it to you, my Lady.


Multi-fandom forum-based RPG. Canon and Original characters are welcome. We are slash-friendly (maleslash and femmeslash both) so mature players are preferred. Character Applications are made on the forums. Lurkers are welcome to register on the forums. The storyline will evolve as more players join in and participate. Cast and rules can be found on both the forums and the website.

We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to the Nexus of all Reality...

1/4/09 11:52 pm - autumns_lioness - Yummy Leon picture

Hi ladies!

I was looking back and havn't seen this posted here (went back to 2006)

And I thought I'd share

Yummy LeonCollapse )

11/14/08 09:17 pm - zombifiers

Hey guys! I went to go see Resident Evil: Degeneration in NYC last night, and I have a complete, in-depth, spoiler-ridden recap of it written. If you're interested, go check it out!

x-posted a lot, sorry if you see this more than once. :(
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