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Leon Kennedy

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1/3/11 11:15 pm - stygian_dream

T E A S E R S :

be my masochist, be my tease ;

12/27/10 11:04 pm - stygian_dream

Timeless Soundtrack
General, Character, or Pairing : Pairing - Leon/Ada
Fan Fiction : Timeless by adaadore
@ carnal_pleasure

12/23/10 08:56 pm - stygian_dream

Challenge : 100variations
Game : Resident Evil series
Co-op w/ havokpanda
Status : In-Progress
Completed : 50/50 (my half) 16/50 (Havok's half)
T E A S E R S :

a dangerous strain;

12/2/10 12:48 am - stygian_dream

{x} Ada Wong [o4]
{x} Ashley Graham [o3]
{x} Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy [o1]
{x} Leon S. Kennedy [o8]
{x} Leon/Ada [o3]
{x} Miscellaneous [o1]
T E A S E R S :

(walking down the street looking for angels;)

11/23/10 07:54 pm - stygian_dream

Assorted Resident Evil {108}

T E A S E R S :

(i'm at war with the world ; and they try to pull me into the dark)

10/12/10 09:51 am - zombie_armada - ART SAVES LIVES or KEEPS ME ENTERTAINED or something

Okay Leon fans, it's time for an art post. Because my collection is meager at best. Let's all share :D

Lovely classy artworkCollapse )

10/7/10 02:41 pm - zombie_armada - Have a couple fics.

Title: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella
Fandom: Resident Evil 4
Genre/Rating/Pairings: Humor, G, no pairings
Summary: Working as a bodyguard didn't turn out to be so bad for Leon.

Title: The Zombie Hunter's Guide to Social Science
Fandom: Resident Evil 4/Resident Evil: Degeneration
Genre/Rating/Pairings: Humor, PG, LeonxAngela
Summary: Zombies, Leon can handle just fine... But humans? That might be a bit much.

7/2/10 01:05 am - stygian_dream

Resident Evil 4 [25]

T E A S E R S :

Rest are HERE @ stygian_dream

6/7/10 05:35 pm - stygian_dream

Resident Evil 4 [20]

T E A S E R S :

HERE @ carnal_pleasure

6/6/10 09:58 pm - stygian_dream

Resident Evil [36]

T E A S E R S :

HERE @ carnal_pleasure
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